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Commercial Translation

A taste for fine words:
A good translation isn’t just the sum of the words: it’s about conveying the spirit of your text in the right way for your audience. I have extensive experience in a range of commercial fields, specialising in particular in marketing and the food industry. Your words will sound as delicious in English as they did in French!

Literary Translation

The best of French literature into English:
I’m a keen translator of French literature with a strong background in literary translation. Ask me to quote to translate your book or story from French! See these translated books in print:
-A graphic novel set in Paris in the Occupation
-A political novel about Brexit
-A non-fiction book about erotic Paris in the Roaring Twenties
-A “serious comic” about extinction events


If you need information, and your source is in French – I can help. With a background in commercial research in some top international companies (and an MSc in Information Science) Finding Stuff Out is right up my street. Whether you’re looking for French company information, French genealogical information or family history in France, or need to do some research for business or tourism in France, I can help. Just get in touch to discuss and we can arrange a custom price.


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